Our Company

Our motto of “Work Smart – Live Betr” means that we strive to make your life better by improving how you work.

Our Values

We know that how we go about OUR business is as important as what we offer to YOURS. Our core values include:


Being empathetic and flexible drives opportunity


By being ethical, we build long-term customer value and loyalty


Our curiosity fuels a relentless pursuit to continuously improve our solutions

Our History

Founded in 1986 by a visionary pioneer in enterprise unified communications, our unique suite of tools enhance and improve how people collaborate

Our Culture

At, intelligent collaboration is more than our corporate mission, it’s part of our DNA. Based in the global crossroads that is South Florida, our employees hail from throughout the U.S., the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This reality is reflected in the languages we speak, and the traditions that we share.

Our Founder & CEO

Josh Schrager founded ThinkRite in 1986. ThinkRite pioneered unified communications innovations such as “RealFax” which featured ‘fax back” abilities that significantly reduced costs to IBM’s real estate sector. Further advancements led to the development of the “Poet” system, which allowed the redirection of calls, faxes, text messages and calendar reminders between IBM employees.

ThinkRite has repeatedly been ranked 1st in Supplier Performance by IBM, and continues to manage servers, telephony, and related services for IBM. Other notable customers include The Home Depot, Pepsi, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyds, Humana, Verizon, and Sprint.

In 1997 ThinkRite expanded globally with an office in the United Kingdom, followed by Australia in 2000.

ThinkRite’s 50+ employees continue to develop solutions specializing in intelligent collaboration.

betrmeetings, our debut iOS/Android application, improves meeting efficiency and effectiveness by helping users Plan, Run, and Track meetings, webinars, and conference calls. Users can also request Remote Executive Assistants to further enhance productivity.